Summary :

JAXA is the Japan Aerospace Exploration Agency. They would like created an e-learning website for JAXA’s space engineer.

With the content produce by JAXA (course PDF, Video, picture), I, with the 111Studio’s team, had think about how create the best e-learning plateform solution for space engineer studients who can be showed on everywhere on every plateform, on desktop, tablet and mobile.

Finally we had produce two solutions :

  1. The presentation website, where you can read about what you can expected of this plateform.
  2. The logged version, where you can learn everything about space engineering.

The first point is available to this URL : https://www.worldspaceschool.jp/

The second point is only available for space engineer studients.

The difficult point :

The difficult point was to found the best way to display the course list, we would like to make something very easy to used. But for confidentiality reasons I can’t share screenshoot of this part.

What I have done : UX/UI, HTML5 & CSS3 on ReactJs environement.

Screenshoots : Click on screenshoot to display hight resolution version.